Assessments help students find out their understanding of the subjects and allow them to focus on those sections of the subject where they may be lacking. Similarly,teachers use assessments to gain insight into the understanding level of the students and find out who would need more guidance in a particular subject. Assessments and Evaluations in RISHS are as follows:

RISHS Kids (Kindergarten):

The kindergarten students are evaluated on a daily basis through the worksheets assigned to them in the classes and overall performance of the children is based on a tabulation of these scores at the end of the year. Teachers lay particular emphasis on oral assessments as well to develop clarity of speech among the kindergarten children.

RISHS Junior(Classes I to VII):

The evaluation of the learners would be based on continuous and comprehensive evaluation. The objectives of the evaluation would be diagnostic, remedial, reinforcing and developmental. The Board will de-emphasize the concept of failure in this system also. The focus of assessment would be on testing the skill-base of the learners in the course of their learning process.