Computer Lab

We have two computer labs with 40 systems with internet connection exclusively for students. Students visit the computer lab during a designated class.


The transport will be available depending on the number of students travelling from any particular area. In case the school transport is not available,parents will have to make their own arrangements. Parent should ensure that their wards reach the bus stop 5 minutes ahead of time.

Day care

Rishs offers a day care service for students. At the creche children can take a nap, study, complete their homework and play under supervision.

Play Area

The Early and Elementary Year students have a colourful and developmentally suited play area. The equipment is not only fun to use but also satisfies a child’s natural curiosity. The outdoor play area is a safe haven for the little ones to enjoy.

Sports Field

The school is proud of its football field and basketball court available to all students. Both are made of materials that avoid too much stress on the knees. A throwball court is also present.

Each class in the Early Year and Elementary School section has a designated day and time when they are accompanied by the staff to a nearby pool and tennis court that the school has approved for safety and quality standards.


The school has a computerised library stocked with an excellent collection of books encompassing almost all areas of knowledge. The dailies and magazines subscribed to help students to acquaint themselves with the current issues and the latest developments at the national and international levels.


All the students are given medical check up once in a year. First Aid facilities are also available.

Science Labs

The Chemistry, Biology and Physics labs follow all safety guidelines and provide students an enriching environment to learn the practical aspects of Science. Lab technicians and teachers assist students in their learning.


Our Science laboratories such as Physics and Chemistry are well designed and fully equipped. The labs are spacious and airy and can comfortably take in large batches of students. The laboratories are fitted with safety measures such as first aid facilities and fire extinguishers that prevent harmful fumes from spreading. Body showers and eye showers have been provided in the labs in case chemicals splash over. The chemicals are stored safely as a further precautionary measure. The labs have charts, models and other necessary aids which enhance and enrich the learning process.

Performing Arts

Dance, Dramatics and Music classes are a hit among students and for good reason. Our professional dance instructors help children explore both Indian and contemporary disciplines.