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The school rules and regulations are aimed at presenting the general functioning of RISHS International School to all students, teachers, parents and staff members in order to maintain the discipline which is essential for an educational endeavour.

To achieve this goal, everyone must fully respect the school rules and contribute through responsible daily behaviour for the smooth functioning of the school, thus guaranteeing the enrichment of all.

School Rules

All school members are expected to obey the school rules to guarantee maximum safety on the campus and to help create a productive and pleasant atmosphere.

  • All students and teachers must watch their language and ensure the use of professional language. Students must respect each other’s words and be careful not to use offensive language.
  • Students must respect the property of other students and also that of the school. Collective school property must also be used properly to ensure long term usage for the benefit of all students.
  • Every individual is responsible for the cleanliness of the environment. Proper use of the dustbin and table clean-up is important and should be done by all students.
  • Following toilet etiquettes is important for the hygiene of all students. Keep them clean and flush the toilets after use.
  • Students should not copy or cheat from others during assessments or examinations.
  • Students must carry what is necessary to the school. Any objects that are not authorised in the school vicinity will be confiscated.
  • Note: Disciplinary action will be taken against student who disobey the school rules. Parents will be called up for regular disregard of the school rules.

Playground Rules

The playground is an area where the children can relax and enjoy themselves therefore a few rules apply to the playground to ensure safety.

  • Students must avoid games that can hurt others.
  • No fighting or use of offensive language in the playground.
  • All injuries will be promptly taken care of by the medical team in the school.
  • Violent running games must be avoided.
  • Jumping from high structures is not allowed.
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