Punctuality and Attendance

All students must attend school regularly and punctually. Attendance on re-opening day after each vacation and the last day of each term is compulsory. Serious notice willbe taken if this rule is violated. Prior permission must be obtained in the prescribed form for any absence from school. In the case of absence due to illness, a leave letter must be produced on the day the pupil returns to class. A medical certificate is required if the pupil is absent for more than three days. No one is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without permission.


The school uniform is compulsory for all classes, including school tie, belt, shoes and socks. Students from Kindergarten to Grade VII are expected to wear the school socks and shoes. Neatness and cleanliness in dress and in person is compulsory. Expensive and ornate jewellery is not permitted. The school is not responsible for the loss of such articles.

Sports Field

The school has a sprawling ground with world-class amenities. The Kindergarten play-area is in the front which has an innovative setting that is appealing to the little ones.

The Badminton courts are found in the sophisticated interior of the atrium space which also accommodates Skating and Bicycling. The Tennis and Basketball courts along with the rink for skating and the nets for cricket practice are available for the students.

Our school promotes Equestrian activities with the help of certified trainers who introduce horse-riding to the pupil and develop their confidence. We also intend to endorse this sport and would later extend the facility to the public.

Archery, Silambam , Kalari , Karate and Taekwondo, Chess and an array of sporting activities will be exposed to the students.