Mr. Sakthivelu, a successful industrialist from Erode, the turmeric city in the state of Tamilnadu is the Chairman of Rishs International School. He was the Founder of Rishi Agro Sprayers a firm that manufactured agro machineries and was rated the best in the whole of Tamilnadu until 2014. The battery operated Rishi Agro Sprayer was sought after and had no match to it. His fame and popularity rose with the success of his agro machineries. He was a ‘Good Samaritan’ and was involved in a lot of philanthropic activities for the welfare of the farming community.

He ventured into real estate in the year 2010 and ‘Rishi Builders’ was a group known for their alluring and affordable villas. Mr. Sakthivelu was the Proprietor of the concern and was well-known in Salem and Erode.

Mr. Sakthivelu, is determined to give back to the society and create a reverberating change in the lives of the people. This urge in him had driven him to choose to serve the community in the form of education, medicine and rural development.


Mrs. Balambika, MSc, MPhil is one of the most competent administrators with extensive experience in the marketing and management of Rishi Agro Sprayers. She has unceasingly contributed towards the growth and enhancement of the business since 2007 when the company was established. She deep-dived into the complexities of the industry understanding the aspects of the business to ensure the augmentation of the company. Her meticulous efforts have strengthened the company and has advanced it to the pinnacle of success.