School Philosophy and Vision

At RISHS we strive and urge to retain the natural curiosity innate in every child. The focus is not only to enhance the students’ intellectual capacities but also to nurture and explore their inherent potential. In a nutshell, all aspects of the school are designed to kindle the innate urge within every child to learn and know.

More precisely the aims and philosophy of the school is to

  • To provide an environment that is devoid of fear, bullying, contempt and comparison.
  • To provide the pupil an opportunity to surpass their own abilities and take onus of their actions.
  • To provide all possible exposure to nurture the children as global citizens and develop leadership qualities.
  • To foster international element through exchange programmes and encouraging collaborative learning with partner schools abroad.
  • To sculpture every child entrusted under our care as vibrant and responsible human beings with the courage to question injustice and also be compassionate towards fellow humans.

The School’s pedagogical techniques will pave way for the pupil to achieve the objectives


To build a safe and secure environment where students identify their strengths and learn to excel in those skills so that they are respected for their individuality and not only on their grade points. We at RISHS will strive to enable the all –round development of a child through the joy of learning, enduring values, celebrating patriotic feeling and respecting our culture and the unique diversity.

Our Motto is
“Dare to dream….Learn to succeed…even if the odds are
not in your favour”.