Kindergarten Circular, Primary Circular, Secondary Circular, Senior Secondary Circular

Dear Teachers,
You are requested to make a note of the following:

  1. Assembly will be conducted from Monday onwards through zoom link for all classes
    – KG to X.(Ms. Shanmugapriya to share the link to teachers and coordinators to
    share it with the students)

Class Days Timings

KG Fridays 9:15 am – 9:30 am
Class I & II Tuesdays 8:45 am -9 am
Class III – V Thusdays 8:45 am -9 am
Class VI – X Monday, Wednesday &Friday 8:45 am -9 am

  1. Music teachers to prepare one student from the quire for prayer song and one
    student for the Tamil Thai Vaazhthu which will be a part of every assembly.
  2. Assembly schedule will be prepared and circulated to the teachers by the
    coordinators by Saturday.( Schedule to be prepared from 23.06.2021 onwards)
  3. During the assembly, one student will present thought for the day, one student will
    mention a quote from Baghawath Gita, one student from Bible, one student from
    Quran and one student will read the news relevant to students/education.
  4. On 21.06.21, Class IX and on 23.06.21 Class X will present the assembly.(Class
    teachers to inform the students)
  5. Significance of that particular day ( World Environment’s day, National science day
    etc.) can be included in the assembly as applicable.
  6. Music teachers to prepare one student for Pledge on Mondays and one student for
    National Anthem on Fridays.
  7. Music teachers can allot students on a rotational basis for the existing quire students
    and also provide opportunities for more students to be a part of the quire from class
    VI upwards from the second term.
  8. Coordinators to send a message regarding the assembly along with the zoom link
  9. Class teachers to inform the students that they are supposed to stand for the
    assembly and place the camera at an appropriate distance such that they are fully
    visible on the camera.
  10. Awareness about all kinds of competitive exams , will be shared in the assembly by
    Mr. Mayilvahanan.