Kindergarten Circular

Dear Parents/students,’

The school takes an initiative in launching the I term E-magazine under the theme: ‘You are what you eat’. In connection with this, we invite articles from the students and parents who can make use of it as a platform to express their opinions on the theme selected. While sending the articles, please make note of the following points:

  1. Word limit is 500 words.
  2. Let the content be informative and creative.
  3. Kindly do not cut and copy from external sources (you can take the facts and figures of course).
  4. Students’ articles should bear their names, class and section.
  5. Parents’ articles should bear their names, name and class of the students studying.
  6. Articles should be sent in WORD file only.
  7. Articles should be sent to the official email IDs of the principal/VPs (CTs pl make sure).
  8. The last date for the submission of the articles is on June 15th. 2021.