Outbound training is a great way to enjoy a unique learning experience outside the classroom environment. It allows students to absorb interact and immerse themselves in a practical way. Being involved in visual and practical experiences will help students remember, learn and understand subjects. After the visit we encourage students to synthesize their experience creatively and present their experience orally.


SPA (Sports & Performing Arts) is an integral part of the curriculum and we offer a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities for the physical development of a child. It give an opportunity to experience a wide range of specialised activities viz., Athletics, Karate, Archery, Skating, Badminton, Martial Arts, Music & Speech and Drama, alongside others, are a part of the activities offered by our school. The program increases the stamina and develops confidence and competence in gaining in performing skills individually and as a part of a group.

Students can opt to have extended practice on a broad range of sports, like Tennis, Football and Cricket under the guidance of a qualified coach. The training is assigned as per the skills and fitness level of the student and adequate measures are taken to ensure that the sport sustains the interest of the beginners.

ILDP (International Language Development Programme)

ILDP is a carefully articulated and comprehensively implemented programme to develop and hone children’s proficiency in English as it is a vista to peep into the rest of the world.

English being a lingua franca and the medium of instruction in most of the schools and colleges, it is imperative that children have an excellent command of the language in order to fathom effectively whatever they learn and to communicate seamlessly to the hilt.

Our ILDP ensures that our children develop fluency and proficiency in English right from grade 1.


Observation, hypothesising and experimentation are a crucial part of development in the field of the Natural Sciences. Our Science and Math labs provide ample opportunities for the children to develop their skills through alternative techniques. The labs are interactive spaces that allow children to grow laterally, through an environment outside the classroom.


It is part of a regular schedule and aims at reducing anxiety, tension and works on improving attention, memory and the physical well-being. Yoga at RISHS is a self-regulation skill, which is imparted to recover their self-esteem, confidence, restore their mental health, promote positive attitudes and improve their concentration.


The students are encouraged to explore their creative talents and showcase their innovative expressions. The school is equipped with proper acoustics, effective floor plan and a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards and drum sets for students inclined to music.

The school has a specialised dance-music program with its distinct set up and facilities. Both Western and Classical dance forms are taught by trained professionals. Students are given various opportunities to showcase their talents.


An open access library provides an all-encompassing opportunity for reading, reference and research to all age groups.

Visual Art Studio

The Visual Art Studio is the creative nucleus of the School. It gives the children the freedom to express themselves through varied mediums like clay, paint, wood, textiles and an array of recyclable materials. The Visual Art Centre works in tandem with the in-class curriculum; ideas studied in class are encouraged to be explored in this space, where no limitations are put on the children.


It is a platform for students to start each day by nurturing values. It is ensured that all students participate in the assembly performance. It is yet another opportunity for students to improve their communication skill and public speaking skills.


All International days are observed and made an important custom at RISHS. Students develop respect and open-mindedness for other cultures through these celebrations.

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