Our textbook confirm to the National Curriculum Framework and NCERT guidelines. It integrates innovation in pedagogy, knowledge and application, nurture life skills, promote inclusivity, encourage value-based learning activities, environmental education and equally emphasize Co-scholastic areas of Work Education, Art Education and Health and Physical Education. The range of subjects offered enables students to pursue a wide variety of undergraduate programmes.

 Language  English English
Elective:1  Physics Economics 
Elective:2 Chemistry Accountancy
Elective 3 Mathematics / Psychology Applied Mathematics
 Elective:4 Biology / Computer Science Business Studies /
Computer Science

Our team comprises of prominent academicians with doctorate degree who are passionately involved in conceptualizing the curricula and imparting the same through interactive methodology. Individual attention is given to each child and his/her progress assessed. Special coaching classes are arranged wherever necessary.

Competitive exams like Olympiad is conducted, which aims to provide exposure and aptitude among students

RISHS students are provided with optional coaching by ANISH INSTITUTE for all significant entrance examinations like IIT -JEE, NEET conducted in India.

Given the expanding array of learning options available after high school and the fast-changing demands of the workforce, the counsellor helps to analyse, find out their career interest and provide accurate, comprehensive and personalised planning.