The chocolate day has been observed since 2009.The date was picked as it was July 7 in 1550 when chocolate was first brought to Europe. The annual global celebration of chocolate calls for indulging in delightful chocolate treats. Chocolate is loved by everyone across the world. It not only acts as a good stress buster and a mood lifter but is also good for health. The need to educate little children on the health benefits and joys of indulging in chocolates goes without saying. The chocoholics at Rishs International School celebrated Chocolate Day in a flamboyant way. Through stories, the tiny tots learned that chocolates are made of milk, cocoa powder, and sugar, they were also taught about the health benefits of eating chocolates but in moderation, as excess can cause tooth decay. The board was embellished with balloons .The tiny tots of Kindergarten were zooming around with elation. They brought their favorite chocolates and had a great time relishing them with their friends. Amidst the joyful celebration, they also shared a few lines on why they love chocolates and learned some lip-smacking chocolate recipes from their teachers. They participated in ‘Make and eat’ activity, where biscuits were dipped in chocolate sauce, was devoured in no time. To show gratitude towards those who serve us, the little Bambinos lovingly shared their chocolates with the School staffs as a token of love for their warmth and the joy of celebrating Chocolate Day with their classmates was seen on the gleaming faces as the tiny tots bid goodbye for the day with blissful memories!

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