“The capacity to learn is gift; the ability to learn is a skill; “The capacity to learn is gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

Rishs International School organized Faculty Development Program for three days. A heartfelt gratitude to our chairman Mr. Sakthivelu and our Director Smt.Balambika Sakthivelu for encouraging and taking interest in grooming the teaching faculty ever year.

The first day workshop commenced on 1st June,2022 at 10am in midst of the galaxy of intellectuals namely, Dr.Krishnamoorthy, the resource person, Mrs.Vineeta Subramanian, Principal, Mrs.Chitra, Vice Principal, Mrs.Sribala,Assistant Vice Principal and the team of vibrant teachers.

The session was filled with innovative ideas and activities which enriched the teachers, To name a few it briefed about improving performance, ways to stay motivated, dealing perceptions, the LEAF formula to maintain relationship, intra and inter personal qualities of a teacher,

The session had two tea breaks of 15 minutes each and a lunch break of 45 m minutes. The session was executed with the help of a PPT, hands-on-activities, ice breaking sessions, one to one interactions, group discussion, games and a lot more. The resource person concluded with the note to introspect and put into practice and also to reflect on it.

The day 2 of Faculty Development workshop was all about information and resources which enlightened and threw a light on the 21st century teachers’ qualities. The guest of the session was Ms. Padma and the session revolved around challenging aspects as:

  • Classroom Management
  • Behavioral Management
  • National Education Policy
  • Mental wellbeing of teachers.

The session encouraged the team of teachers to encompass the emotional, social and behavioral wellbeing of any individual.

As a conclusion the resource person emphasized on the mental wellbeing of every teacher is important to cope up with daily life challenges.

The third day workshop   began with an objective of developing personality to meet the needs of the present day generation. The introductory session guide a teachers to be meddles in the middle of this liquid society. It inferred the teachers who have the attitude of “I do, you do, to an effective and inclusive approach of we do.”

Books are best healers, and to make the teachers realize that the resource person shared few anecdotes underlined with ‘Thirukural’. It followed with activities to introspect and self-assess and to work out on the essence of the results for the betterment.

The last part of the session had an activity to analyze the situations and overcome hurdles to find solutions. We extend our requital to Dr Krishnamurthy and Ms. Padma for conducting a beguiling workshop.

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