We were subjugated under the hands of the avaricious and rapacious Britishers Repulsive and loathsome scenario where all our voices were crushed in the presence of the callous and obdurate Britishers The gallant and the valiant national fire brands staunch their lives for the nation But they were tormented and slained like a hecatomb Where 1000 of dead bodies laid in a putrescent state ,At last a stalwart made his presence, A man of pansophy and erudition. The linchpin of the chariot Who fought without. Grapples Known for his gutsiness and ballsiness Made us inhale the freedom of air like oxygen fighting with the chauvinistic people Mohandas karam chand Gandhi. This day is a memorabilia and a tribute to the freedom fighters whose sacrifices will be in reminiscences forever Happy independence day