Orientation on IIMUN Session – 2022

IIMUN is India’s largest running Model United Nations Conference. IIMUN give students an opportunity to play the role diplomats who represent various UN member nations, addressing specific issues of current interest through debates and negotiation and attempting to resolve regional and International problems .
Preparing and participating in a MUN helps students develop leadership skills, research writing, public speaking and problem – solving skills.
Moreover, coming up with solutions that are acceptable to a majority of the representatives also inculcates skills of negotiation, conflict negotiation and cooperation.

Keeping the above in mind, Rishs International School arranged for an ORIENTATION Program on 14 Th June. We extend our requital our Adorable Chairman Sir and Director madam for providing us the superlative platform to enhance the speaking skills of the students with self-aplomb
Few glimpses of the sedulous students taking part in the Interactive session with profound elation.

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