Kindergarten Circular

Dear Parents,


Kindly note the Periodic Assessment (PA)- 2 schedule and portions.

DateSubjectPortions in detail
13.12.2021ENGLISHBeginning sounds A to D.
14.12.2021MATHNumbers 1 to 4.
15.12.2021EVSInsects and farm animals (Orals)

Offline Mode:

1. Assessment time – 9:00 am – 10 am
2. Students should report to school at 8:30 am
3. Students should bring their test note for the assessment.
4. Once the assessment is over, revision for the next assessment will be given.

Online Mode:
1. Student should join for the test at 1:20 pm.
2. Students should log on time with their own names as ID.
3. Students should keep their camera on and microphone off.
4. Assessment time – 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm.
5. Question paper will be posted at 1:30 pm.
6. Students will complete the paper and post the completed answer sheet as pdf format in Google Classroom before 2:30 pm.
7. Revision for the next assessment will be at 2:45 pm.