Primary Circular, Secondary Circular

Dear Parents
Namaste …
“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will” – Mahatma Gandhi.
A very warm welcome to the new normal!
We thank you all, for the support rendered all through, during the pandemic situations. As per the
order issued by the Department of School Education, Government of Tamil Nadu, we are planning to
resume offline classes for the students of Grade I to Grade VIII as per the following

I – V08.11.218.30 am -12.15 pm
(up to 12.11.21)
8.30 am – 3.00 pm
(From 15.11.21
VI – VIII01.11.218.30 am – 3.00 pm
from 01.11.21 onwards

In order to ensure safety of all students, the following measures are to be followed by
students and parents:

  1. Reporting time for students of Grade I to VIII is 8.20 am.
  2. Students are expected to maintain social distancing within the school campus.
  3. Students without mask will not be permitted inside the school campus. Students
    are also requested to carry an extra mask
  4. Parents are requested not to send your ward to school in case of any ill health.
  5. Students are requested not to share books, stationery, snacks, food etc. with their


  1. Students shall strictly be seated in the place assigned by the class teacher.
  2. Students shall not leave the class rooms without the permission of the teacher.
  3. Students to avoid touching the handrails while using the staircase.
  4. For Grades I to V , Parents are requested to collect the consent form on the first
    day in the morning and return the filled in form on the same day at the time of
    pickup to the teachers deputed for the same.
  5. For Grades VI to VIII, the consent forms will be sent through the students on the
    first day and the parents to fill it and send it on the next day without fail.
  6. Students shall bring their own water bottles and handkerchief.
  7. Students will strictly have their lunch only in their respective class room.
  8. In the morning, the parents can bring their vehicle inside the campus through the
    main gate , drop their child at the entrance and leave by the side gate.
  9. However, at the time of pick up, no vehicle will be permitted inside the school
    campus. Parents are supposed to park their vehicle outside the school campus
    and come by walk to the dispersal area and take your child.
  10. Hand sanitization and temperature check will be done every day for all students
    in the morning. Any student running temperature will be sent back to home.
  11. Students can report either in school uniform or colour dress. In the case of
    colour dress, parents to kindly ensure that the dress code is ideal for an
    educational institution.