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Dear parents,
Greetings from RISHS!!!
The CCA for the month of July is ‘Talentina’ – the talent show
scheduled on 30.07.2021 (Friday) From KG – Grade V. Children can
give their performance details on / before 24.07.2021 (Saturday) to
their class teacher. Performance duration: 2 minutes per child.
Some ideas for our acts are:

1 Painting / collage (in 2 mins)7.Drums / any other instruments
2.Dhohe recitation (Maximum
numbers in 2 mins)
8.Yoga (either holding for long
duration or doing maximum Asanas)
3.Dance (Maximum steps in 2
9.Juggling – Long duration
4.Jump rope (Maximum
jumps in 2 mins)
10.Origami – (Maximum numbers in
2 mins)
5.Karate show (Maximum
kicks in 2 mins)
11.Rubiks cube –fastest
6.Hula hoop12.Thirukural recitation

We look forward to witnessing the wonderful performances of our